FAQ: Buying with Ohwo

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Ohwo is a mobile payment solution that gives you a simple and secure way to pay merchants through real-time access to your existing bank account.

You initiate the transaction from your device by scanning the Quick Response (QR) code generated by the merchant.

Just like paying with cash, the transaction happens seamlessly and quickly, both parties exchange value in real-time, and the merchant has immediate access to their funds.

A QR code, also known as a Quick Response Code, is a pre-programmed barcode containing information. It could be a URL, text, image, or other forms. To reveal the information requires a mobile phone with the ability to scan the code using its camera.

Simple Consumer Journey

Step 1: Merchant and Customer launch Ohwo app.

Steps 2: Merchant enters transaction amount and selects Generate QR to initiate transaction.

Step 3: Customer launches QR Buyer app, selects scan QR, and scans the merchant’s QR code.

Step 4: Transaction complete; both consumer and merchant receive notification of sale.

There are many benefits to Ohwo payments:

  • Simple mobile solution.
  • Non-cash alternative.
  • Greater protection from fraudulent activity and safer than carrying cash.
  • Non-Contact, reducing the risk of contracting Covid-19.

You can initiate a Ohwo payment by scanning the QR Code or entering the Merchant ID anywhere you see the Ohwo acceptance brand.

The following merchants receive payment via Ohwo:

  • Nipco Petrol Station (Ikorodu Rd, Ago palace way, Okota, Dopemu and Casso).
  • Brunchbox Restaurant.
  • Posh Car wash.
  • Cutyard salon and spa.
  • Emadeb petrol station (Lekki).

Yes. All card transactions are encrypted and protected.

  • You are in control – you initiate the payment to the merchant by scanning the QR code and your mobile device never leaves your hands.
  • No accidental payments – you confirm the transaction amount and authorize the payment.
  • You receive a confirmation notification upon successful completion of the payment.

If you lose your mobile phone, please contact your bank immediately. We will then disable your Ohwo account once you notify our support team at [email protected].

In the unlikely event you get debited for a failed transaction, reach out to our customer support team at [email protected] who will quickly resolve the situation.

You can request for an immediate refund from the Merchant or contact your bank as you would for any debit card payment disputes.

For more information, visit www.ohwopay.ng or contact [email protected]