FAQ: Selling with Ohwo

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Ohwo is a mobile payment solution that gives you a simple and secure way to take payments with real-time access to your existing bank account.

Just like paying with cash, the transaction happens seamlessly and quickly, both parties exchange value in real-time, and you have immediate access to your funds.

Customers simply scan the unique QR code that you generate on the app with their mobile phone and the transaction is authorized. You get an instant notification on the success of the transaction.

A QR code, also known as a Quick Response Code, is a pre-programmed barcode containing information. It could be a URL, text, image, or other forms. To reveal the information requires a mobile phone with the ability to scan the code using its camera.

Ohwo is suitable for all businesses, small, medium, or large.

Simply download the Ohwo seller app from the Google Play store and register as a merchant. You will immediately get a notification that your account has been created. You may also reach out to Ohwo support for assistance at [email protected].

  • Ohwo is secure and safe.
  • Safer than carrying cash, reduce risk of loss or theft.
  • Easy reconciliation as payment is received in real-time.
  • Seamless and swift transactions.
  • Convenient, all you need is your mobile phone.
  • Contactless payment.
  • Instant transaction notification.
  • Digital payment tracking and bookkeeping.

No, account details can only be edited/changed by our admin team. Changes can only happen if there is a written request from the registered email address on the account.

Several measures have been put in place to prevent fraud on our system.

  1. KYC is done for every merchant before they are activated to receive payment via the app.
  2. Merchants are geo-fenced and can only receive payment at locations they are mapped to.

Ohwo uses the same pricing model as traditional electronic payments.

Your registered bank account is credited immediately when payment is made.

An instant transaction notification is sent to you and the customer detailing the status of a transaction; failed or successful.

Please advise the customer to contact his/her bank to report the disputed transaction.

For more information, visit www.ohwopay.ng or contact [email protected]